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Fully compatible with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2004-2019.

CADSTA engine allows LISP, ARX, DBX  & .NET applications to interoperate with AutoCAD LT.

2D & 3D productivity enhancement tools for design and drafting.

CADSTA Software is a range of popular add-ons that extend the power of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT in a practical and affordable way. It provides powerful 2D and 3D tools to assist CAD Professionals to complete their everyday tasks more efficiently.

The CADSTA engine allows LISP, ARX, DBX & .NET assembly applications to interoperate with AutoCAD LT. It also supports a wide range of FAS, VLX, ObjectARX, .NET assembly applications, such as AutoTURN, AccuRender,  Space Mouse, and CADWorx to work on AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT.

CADSTA Software loads a wide range of AutoCAD-based applications seamlessly in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT.

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Schedule Manager added to CADSTA Arch

You can enter LISP codes at command line

Schedule Manager command displays all doors and windows in a modeless dialogue box. The user can browse the doors and windows to view their details, such as width, height, material and total number of each door or window. >> read more

Command: (defun C:myline()

(_> (princ "\nThis is my lisp function.\n")

(_>(command "_.LINE")




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