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CADSTA Max supports LISP, ARX, DBX and .NET assembly applications in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT with no recompile required. Its engine allows a big variety of AutoCAD-based add-ons to interoperate with AutoCAD LT.

The APPLOAD and NETLOAD commands load LISP, ObjectARX, ObjectDBX and .NET assembly applications in AutoCAD LT; while the Startup Suite loads applications automatically during the startup. CADSTA Max also has an extensive range of VLA and VLR (Reactor) functions. It enables third party applications such as AutoTURN, AccuRender, Space Mouse and CADWorx to work inside AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

CADSTA Max is a productivity enhancement add-on. It is a cost effective way to maximize your investment in CAD. CADSTA Max includes all features in CADSTA Tools and CADSTA Elements.

How to download a remote file with VLA functions

(defun GetRFile ( / objUTL actDoc)

(setq actDoc (vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)))

(setq objUTL (vla-get-utility actDoc)) 







(vla-isremotefile objUTL lockfile 'pURL)



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Key Features


Allow LISP / ARX / DBX / .NET assembly applications to interoperate with AutoCAD LT


Load and run LISP, ARX and .NET assembly applications with no recompile required


Include standard lisp / VL / VLAX / VLR / VLASafeArray / Variant functions


Support LSP / FAS/ VLX file format


Support MNL and lisp in menu file


Support acad.lsp & acaddoc.lsp


Support acad.rx & CADSTASMax.rx


Enhanced Appload and Startup Suite commands to load LISP, ARX, DBX & .NET applicatoins


Netload command to load .NET assembly applications.




Profile Manager


CADSTA Tools included


CADSTA Elements included


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