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Intelligent walls, doors and windows interact with each other.

Compatible with AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT® 2010-2019

"You have developed a great product.

It is exactly what we need to be more efficient in our business."    - Adam

CADSTA Arch is a purpose-built architectural software for professionals in the building and construction industries. It is specifically developed to cater to a wide range of project groups including commercial, residential, industrial and institutional. CADSTA Arch enhances AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT by providing a range of productivity tools to automate much of the design process.

Intelligent Architectural Objects


Architectural components created by CADSTA Arch are intelligent objects that interact with each other intelligently. For example, all intersections of connected walls are automatically cleaned up when drawing or editing. When objects such as doors, windows, or columns are inserted into a wall, they automatically create their own openings.

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Productivity and Customization

One of the main strengths of CADSTA Arch is its exceptional speed when it comes to project documentation. Since intelligent objects are associative, they automatically update as your design changes. It is very easy to generate elevations and cross sections through any part of a building directly from floor plans. >> Learn more


Minimal Learning Curve and Exceptional Performance

Since the standard CAD commands apply, minimal re-training of CAD operators is needed to achieve standard functionality of the software. CADSTA Arch represents a combination of efficiency, speed and accuracy; ultimately, productivity.

CADSTA Arch will excite you, and enable you to deliver high-calibre results to impress your clients. CADSTA makes smart architects even smarter.

With CADSTA Arch and CADSTA Max together, you can load and run your favourite LISP, ARX, and .NET applications in AutoCAD LT, and use functions similar to Express Tools in AutoCAD LT as well. For example, you can load and run 3rd party rendering software, such as nXtRender from Accurender, to produce movie like images.

CADSTA Arch contains all the productivity enhancement features from CADSTA Elements, CADSTA Tools and CADSTA Plus. For only a fraction of the price of other architectural CAD packages, CADSTA Arch improves designers’ performance and speeds up the design and documentation process.

CADSTA Arch has been developed to take full advantage of the latest Windows operating system and 64 bit technology. In order to achieve the modern levels of compatibility, functionality, reliability, tolerance and performance, this architectural software is currently compatible with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT versions from 2010 onward.

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Key Features

- Walls, Doors, Windows

- Floors, Joist, Raft Slab

- Roofs, Roof Sections

- Columns and Posts

- Door & Window Schedule

- Schedule Manager

- Terrain Modeling

- Elevations

- Shadow Diagrams

- 1-point Perspective

- 3D Perspectives

- 3D Modeling Tools

- Steel Details

- Dimensioning Tools

- Survey

- Block Library, Office Blocks

- Stairs

- Profile Manager

- CADSTA Elements Included

- CADSTA Plus Included

- CADSTA Tools Included

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>> CADSTA Arch Brochure (PDF)

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