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Profile Manager  -  run in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

A drawing profile stores drawing environment settings. It may include options that control user interaction, unit of measurement, screen display, printing and plotting, saving, importing and exporting, and so on. AutoCAD "out-of-the-box" settings may not provide a suitable drafting environment for all fields.

The Profile Manager in CADSTA Software provides an opportunity to AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT users to create, rename, modify, delete, import or export personal Profiles to suit different users, projects, client settings, or to comply standard drafting conventions in different fields. This feature is included in CADSTA Tools, CADSTA Max, and CADSTA Arch, CADSTA Plus, and CADSTA Elements.

Typical settings that a profile can store:

Default search and project file paths

Template file locations

Initial folder specified in file navigation dialog boxes

Default linetype and hatch pattern files

Printer defaults

Default menu and toolbar locations

Default command line window settings

Profile Manager dialogue box


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