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Intelligent Architectural Objects

Features and functionalities in CADSTA Arch enable efficient creating and editing of walls, doors, windows, roofs, floors and stairs, as well as elevations, sections in 2D plans and 3D models.

Architectural components created by CADSTA Arch are intelligent objects that interact with each other intelligently. For example, all intersections of connected walls are automatically cleaned up when drawing or editing. When objects such as doors, windows, or columns are inserted into a wall, they automatically create their own openings. If any objects are moved or deleted, openings and finishes will automatically mend or self-heal. This greatly reduces the number of commands needed to create a drawing.

Separate commands are not required to manipulate these intelligent building components. Instead, standard CAD commands such as Fillet, Trim, Extend, Offset, Move, etc. can be applied to these intelligent objects. Visit www.cadsta-architecture.com for details

Part-Plan-wdw-2.jpg Roof-Section.jpg

Creating and editing walls, doors, and windows are as easy as selecting object styles and picking points. Find out more

A robust solution to simplify time consuming roof design and documentation including One-pick roof builder. Find out more


Generate 2D elevations, sections, and 3D perspectives directly from floor plans. >> Find out more

CADSTA Arch also inlcudes all features in CADSTA Elements, CADSTA Plus, and CADSTA Tools.

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The Draw Walls command is one of the many great features of CADSTA Arch. It can achieve the followings in one single command:

- Draw intelligent walls

- Walls are drawn with or without hatch patterns.

- Automatic clean up of connected walls

- Wall elements are drawn onto your desired layers.

- Cost estimation

CADSTA Walls can automatically update or "heal up" when doors and windows are moved or deleted, or when connected walls are modified or removed.


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