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Using AutoLISP with CADSTA Tools in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

The LISP engine in CADSTA Tools allows AutoLISP routines to communicate with AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. The AutoLISP codes can be entered at the command line, or saved into a file and loaded into AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT via a number of different methods, such as Appload command, lisp funciton (load), mnl file, Startup Suite etc.

Supported AutoLISP file formats

Standard AutoLISP file format (*.lsp)

Fast-load AutoLISP file format (*fas)

Visual LISP Executables (*.vlx)

Enter AutoLISP codes at command Line

AutoLISP codes can be entered at the Command Line. The LISP codes will be evaluated and the result will be displayed immediately. A sample of LISP code is shown below:

Command: (defun C:mylisp()

(_> (princ "\nThis is my first LISP function, which is to draw a line.\n")

(_> (command ".LINE") (princ)



Using AutoLISP with Menu

AutoLISP codes can be used together with pull-down menu, Toolbar menu and ribbon menu. A sample of LISP codes used in a menu file is shown below:

[MY Menu]

[Load MyLisp]^C^C(if (= (getversion) 2013)(load "mylisp2013.lsp")(load "mylisp2012.lsp"))

[Change to T20]^C^C(command "-layer" "m" "T20" "c" "MAGENTA" "" "" "change" PAUSE "p" "la" "T20" "")



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CADSTA Tools Features

Using AutoLISP with CADSTA Tools

● Supported AutoLISP file format

Enter AutoLISP codes at command Line

Using AutoLISP with Menu

Using MNL file with CADSTA Tools

Appload Command

CADSTATools.lsp / acad.lsp

CADSTAToolsDoc.lsp / acaddoc.lsp

S::STARTUP Function

Startup Suite

LISP Functions: Operators

LISP Functions: A - C

LISP Functions: D - H
LISP Functions: I - P
LISP Functiosns: Q - U

LISP Functions: V

LISP Functions: W - Z

CADSTA Elements Features


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