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CADSTA Tools - (vl-list*)


Creates and returns a list.

(vl-list* object [object ...])



Any lisp object. It can be an integer, real, string, list, file, symbol, ename, T or nil.

Return Value

A list which the last object will be placed in the final cdr of the result list. If the last argument of the vl-list* is an atom, the result is a dotted list. If the last argument is a list, the elements of the list are appended to all previous arguments added to the new list. If the last argument is nil, it will be ignored.


$(vl-list* 1 2)

(1 . 2)

$(vl-list*  1 2 3 )

(1 2 . 3)

$(vl-list* 1 2 '( 3 4) )

(1 2 3 4)

$(vl-list* 1 2 3 nil)

(1 2 3)

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