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CADSTA Max LISP Functions (cont. 16)

VLA (P cont.3)

P (cont. 3)
vla-put-floatingrows vla-put-hyperlinkbase
vla-put-fontfile vla-put-hyperlinkdisplaycursor
vla-put-fontfilemap vla-put-hyperlinkdisplaytooltip
vla-put-forcelineinside vla-put-imagefile
vla-put-fractionformat vla-put-imageframehighlight
vla-put-freeze vla-put-imageheight
vla-put-fullcrcvalidation vla-put-imagevisibility
vla-put-fullscreentrackingvector vla-put-imagewidth
vla-put-gradientangle vla-put-incrementalsavepercent
vla-put-gradientcolor1 vla-put-insertionpoint
vla-put-gradientcolor2 vla-put-invisible
vla-put-gradientname vla-put-isopenwidth
vla-put-graphicswinlayoutbackgrndcolor vla-put-issuer
vla-put-graphicswinmodelbackgrndcolor vla-put-keyboardaccelerator
vla-put-gridon vla-put-keyboardpriority
vla-put-gripcolorselected vla-put-keylength


vla-put-gripsize vla-put-knots
vla-put-hatchobjecttype vla-put-solidfill
vla-put-hatchstyle vla-put-label
vla-put-headersuppressed vla-put-largebuttons
vla-put-height vla-put-lastheight
vla-put-helpfilepath vla-put-lastsavedby
vla-put-helpstring vla-put-layer
vla-put-historylines vla-put-layeron
vla-put-horizontalalignment vla-put-layoutcreateviewport
vla-put-horizontalextposition vla-put-layoutcrosshaircolor
vla-put-horzcellmargin vla-put-layoutdisplaymargins

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