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CADSTA Max LISP Functions (cont. 15)

VLA (P cont.2)

P (cont. 2)
vla-put-defaultplotstyletable vla-put-enablestartupdialog
vla-put-demandloadarxapp vla-put-endangle
vla-put-description vla-put-endparameter
vla-put-diameter vla-put-endpoint
vla-put-dimensionlinecolor vla-put-endsubmenulevel
vla-put-dimensionlineextend vla-put-endtangent
vla-put-dimensionlineweight vla-put-entitycolor


vla-put-dimline2suppress vla-put-extensionlinecolor
vla-put-dimlineinside vla-put-extensionlineextend
vla-put-dimlinesuppress vla-put-extensionlineoffset
vla-put-direction vla-put-extensionlineweight
vla-put-directionvector vla-put-extline1endpoint
vla-put-displaygrips vla-put-extline1linetype
vla-put-displaygripswithinblocks vla-put-extline1point
vla-put-displaylayouttabs vla-put-extline1startpoint
vla-put-put-displaylocked vla-put-extline1suppress
vla-put-displayolescale vla-put-extline2endpoint
vla-put-displayscreenmenu vla-put-extline2linetype
vla-put-displayscrollbars vla-put-extline2point
vla-put-displaysillhouette vla-put-extline2startpoint
vla-put-dockedvisiblelines vla-put-extline2suppress
vla-put-drawingdirection vla-put-faces
vla-put-driverspath vla-put-fade
vla-put-elevation vla-put-fieldlength
vla-put-elevationmodelspace vla-put-fit
vla-put-elevationpaperspace vla-put-fitpoints
vla-put-enable vla-put-fittolerance

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