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CADSTA Max LISP Functions (cont. 7)

VLA (G cont.5)

G (cont.5)
vla-get-isopenwidth vla-get-layoutdisplaypaper vla-get-maindictionary
vla-get-isownerxlated vla-get-layoutdisplaypapershadow vla-get-majoraxis
vla-get-isperiodic vla-get-layouts vla-get-majorradius
vla-get-isplanar vla-get-layoutshowplotsetup vla-get-mask
vla-get-isprimary vla-get-left vla-get-maxactiveviewports
vla-get-isquiescent vla-get-length vla-get-maxautocadwindow
vla-get-isrational vla-get-lenslength vla-get-mclose
vla-get-issuer vla-get-licensexerver vla-get-mdensity
vla-get-isxref vla-get-limits vla-get-measurement
vla-get-key vla-get-linearscalefactor vla-get-menubar
vla-get-keyboardaccelerator vla-get-linespacingdistance vla-get-menufile
vla-get-keyboardpriority vla-get-linespacingfactor vla-get-menufilename
vla-get-keylength vla-get-linespacingstyle vla-get-menugroups
vla-getkeyword vla-get-linetype vla-get-menus


vla-get-linetypegeneration vla-getminimumcolumnwidth
vla-get-knots vla-get-linetypes vla-getminimumrowheight
vla-get-solidfill vla-get-linetypescale vla-getminimumtableheight
vla-get-label vla-get-lineweight vla-getminimumtablewidth
vla-get-largebuttons vla-get-lineweightdisplay vla-get-minoraxis
vla-get-lastheight vla-get-loadacadlspinalldocuments vla-get-minorradius
vla-get-lastsavedby vla-get-localeid vla-get-mode
vla-get-layer vla-getlocalemedianame vla-get-modelcrosshaircolor
vla-get-layeron vla-get-lock vla-get-modelspace
vla-get-layers vla-get-logfileon vla-get-modeltype
vla-get-layout vla-get-logfilepath vla-get-momentofinertia
vla-get-layoutcreateviewport vla-getloopat vla-get-mrunumber
vla-get-layoutcrosshaircolor vla-get-lowerleftcorner vla-get-mspace
vla-get-layoutdisplaymargins vla-get-macro vla-get-mvertexcount

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