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Loading ObjectARX, ObjectDBX and .NET assembly apps with CADSTA Max

CADSTA Max allows ObjectARX (AutoCAD® Runtime Extension),  ObjectDBX (subset of ObjectARX) and .NET assembly applications to load and run seamlessly in AutoCAD LT with no recompile required.

There are different ways of loading ARX, DBX and .NET assembly applications into memory:

Loading ARX, DBX & .NET applications via Appload Command

Appload command in CADSTA Max has been extended to include the capability to load LSP, FAX, VLX, ARX, DBX and .NET assembly applications. This command can be accessed via command prompt or pulldown.

Loading ARX & DBX application via (arxload)

(arxload) only works if CADSTA Max is loaded and authorized.

Loading .NET assembly applicatoins via NETLOAD Command

NETLOAD command in CADSTA Max loads .NET assembly applications. It provides a quick way to the user to load .NET assembly applications without the need to go through a more complicated Appload command.

Unlike Appload command, it provides command prompt option when system variable FILEDIA is set to 0.


Every time CADSTA Max starts, it searches CADSTAMax.rx. If this file is in the search path, it will be loaded and processed automatically.

If multiple CADSTAMax.rx files are found, only the first one will be loaded.

CADSTAMax.rx is shipped with CADSTA Max Software.





Everytime CADSTA Max starts, it searches ACAD.rx. If this file is in the search path, it will be loaded and processed automatically.

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CADSTA Max Features

Loading ARX, DBX & .NET with CADSTA Max

● Loading ARX, DBX & .NET via Appload

Loading ARX & DBX via arxload

Loading .NET assembly via Netload

CADSTAMax.rx & ACAD.rx

Using AutoLISP with CADSTA Max

CADSTA Max Startup Suite

SafeArray & Variant

VLA Functions (A), VLA (B-G)

VLA Functions (G cont.1), (G cont. 2)

VLA Functions (G cont.3), (G cont. 4)

VLA Functions (G cont.5), (G cont. 6)

VLA Functions (G cont.7), (G cont. 8)

VLA Functions (G cont.9), (G cont.10)

VLA Functions (P), (P cont.1)

VLA Functions (P cont.2), (P cont.3)

VLA Functions (P cont.4), (P cont.5)

VLA Functions (P cont.6), (P cont.7)

VLA Functions (S)

VLA Functions (VLAX cont.1)

CADSTA Max Samples

CADSTA Elements Features

CADSTA Tools Features


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