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CADSTA Elements Features

3D Tools

3D Orbit

3D Orbit Continuing

3D Zoom

3D Pan

3D Swivel

3D Distance

3D Clip


3D Mesh

3D Face

3D Views

SE Isometic

SW Usinetuc

NE Isometic

NW Isometic

Plan View

Front View

Rear View

Left View

Right View


Isolate Layer

Layer Freeze

Toggle On/Off

Layer Control All

Layer Off

Layer Lock

Layer Unlock

Move Layer

Erase Layer

Layer Previous

Layer Previous Mode

Layer New

Change to Current Layer

​Set to Current Layer

​Vport Freeze Layer

use Object Layer

Delete Layer Filters

Super Arrow

Draw Super Arrow

Turn On Arrow Solid

Turn Off Arrow Solid

Turn On Arrow Gradient

 Turn Off Arrow Gradient

Configure Super Arrow

Find out more about Super Arrow

Shape Mode

Shade Mode

2D Wireframe

3D Wireframe

3D Hidden

Realistic shade

Conceptual Shade


Shaded with edges

Shapes of Gray



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Product Information

CADSTA Elements

CADSTA Elements Features

● 3D Tools, 3D Views, Layers

● Super Arrows, Shape Mode

Images, Text, Utilities, Misc.

CADSTA Elements Menu

Super Arrow

Profile Manager

Xref Manager


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