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CADSTA Elements Menu

Pull-down Menu


Xref & Image tools


MINSERT, Super Arrow & Attribute Edit


Layer tools

Customization tools



Profile Manager

The Profile Manager command in CADSTA Elements provides an opportunity to customize,  import or export personal Profiles to suit individual needs.

3D tools

3D-pull-down-menu.png Shade-pull-down.png 3D-view-pull-down.png

All features in CADSTA Elements are included in CADSTA Plus, CADSTA Tools, CADSTA Max, and CADSTA Arch.

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Product Information

CADSTA Elements

CADSTA Elements Features

3D Tools, 3D Views, Layers

Super Arrows, Shape Mode

Images, Text, Utilities, Misc.

● CADSTA Elements Menu

Super Arrow

Profile Manager

Xref Manager


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