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Productivity and Customization

One of the main strengths of CADSTA Arch is its exceptional speed when it comes to project documentation. Since intelligent objects are associative, they automatically update as your design changes. It is very easy to generate elevations and cross sections through any part of a building directly from floor plans.

All CADSTA objects are fully parametric. Any object style or feature can be added, edited or removed at any time. The user-friendly interface provides an easy and fast way to customize and configure your CAD system to meet specific needs. Together with an extensive block library, User Block Library, and customizable pre-set short-cut keys, CADSTA Arch provides more flexibility for better building design, while maintaining accuracy and efficiency in documentation.


Shadow Diagrams


1-point Perspective


3D Perspectives


3D Modeling Tools


Automatic Joist Layout

  Roof Sections

Dimensioning Tools


Profile Manager

Terrain Modeling

Block Library


Office Blocks

✓ Door & Window Schedule

✓ Steel Details

 Schedule Manager

Columns and Posts

CADSTA Elements Included

Full Electronic Documentation

CADSTA Tools Included


CADSTA Plus Included

and many more features

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The Draw Walls command is one of the many great features of CADSTA Arch. It can achieve the followings in one single command:

- Draw intelligent walls

- Walls are drawn with or without hatch patterns.

- Automatic clean up of connected walls

- Wall elements are drawn onto your desired layers.

- Cost estimation

CADSTA Walls can automatically update or "heal up" when doors and windows are moved or deleted, or when connected walls are modified or removed.


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