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CADSTA Arch Features (cont. 2)

BHatch Hatch Hatch Solid Wall
Hatch Walls Remove Hatch From Walls CADSTA Hatch Library
Arrow Pipe Break Section Break
Parametric Table Modify Leader Leader
Section Line Text Box
Title Block
Insert New Title BLock Update Database Record Update Title Block
Date Stamp Drawing View Database Record
Arch Tools
Draw Centered Mark Complex Linetype Centered
Distance Object Half Break Neat Cut
Grow Object Clean Up Intersection Copy Angular
Copy Z Direction Move Z Direction Drawing Scale
CADSTA Block Library Office Block
Crossing Leave Lines Fillet Multiple
To Radius
Grid Setout Single Grid Line Multiple Grid Lines
Column Heads Column Insert Column Layout
Insert Pole Insert Post
Site Work
Survey Shadow Diagrams

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Product Information

CADSTA Arch Features

Wall, Door, Window

Floor, Floor Detail, Joist


Roof, Roof Section, Steel

Elevation, Quantity, Dimension

Hatch, Symbol, Title Block

Arch Tools, Fillet, Commercial, Site Work

Terrain Model

Box, Trim, Join, Modify

3D Edit, View Tools, Perspective


CADSTA Arch Toolbar Menu

1-Point Perspective

3D Perspective

Roof Module

Schedule Manager

Super Arrow

CADSTA Elements Features

CADSTA Plus Features

CADSTA Tools Features


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