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CADSTA Max - (vlax-ldata-get)


Retrieves LISP data from dictionary or a selected object.

(vlax-ldata-get dict key [default-data [private]])



An object, a drawing entity object, or a string name of a dictionary.


Dictionary key


LISP data to be returned if no matching key exists in the dictionary.

The data can be an Interger, Real, String, List, ads_name, VLA-object, variant, safearray, T, or nil


T or nil

If a non-nil value is specified and this function is called from a separate-namespace VLX, this funciton retrieves private LISP data from dictionary object specified by value dict.

default-data must be used together with private.

Return Value

The value of the key item. It can be an Integer, Real, String, List, ads_name, VLA-object, variant, safearray, T, or nil


$(vlax-ldata-get "Test-Dict" "Test-Data")

"My Test Data in Dictionary"

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