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CADSTA Software is powered by its engine that supports LISP, ARX, DBX and .NET assembly applications in both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. It loads a wide range of AutoCAD-based add-ons seamlessly. CADSTA Software also provides powerful 2D and 3D tools for efficient design and drafting. Our software has been used by CAD professionals worldwide across a broad range of industries.

Product News: use Block Count in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

This Block Count command extracts data of all blocks in a drawing, including xrefs and nested blocks, and displays them in a dialogue box. A tabulated report can be generated and inserted into the drawing. The report can also be exported to an external Microsoft Excel file.   <<watch video to learn how to use this command>>

This command is available in CADSTA Plus and CADSTA Arch.


23/04/2018 CADSTA Software 2019 has been released. with support for AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2019. They have been developed to take full advantange of new and enhanced features in the latest released from Autodesk. >> read more

CADSTA Software Version History >>

Key Features of CADSTA Software


Load and run LISP, ARX and .NET applications seamlessly in AutoCAD LT with no recompile required


Enhanced Appload, Startup Suite, Netload


Support LSP / FAS / VLX file format


Support VL, VLAXVLR and VLA functions


Intelligent WallsDoors, Windows, Roofs and Joists in CADSTA Arch


Profile ManagerSuper Arrow


Block CountXLIST, Block Finder


Explode Text, Mask Text , Text to MText


1-point perspective, Sun Shadowing, Terrain Modeling


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