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CADSTA Software is powered by its engine that supports LISP, ARX, DBX and .NET assembly applications in both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. It loads a wide range of AutoCAD-based add-ons seamlessly. CADSTA Software also provides powerful 2D and 3D tools for efficient design and drafting. Our software has been used by CAD professionals worldwide across a broad range of industries.

Product News: use XLIST in AutoCAD & AutoCAD LT

This XLIST Command lists the type, block name, layer name and other properties of a nested object in a block or an xref. This command is available in CADSTA Plus and CADSTA Arch.


29/06/2017 The latest build CADSTA Software 2018 (#1.2017.06.275) has been released with improvements in the area of CADSTA Walls and lisp functions.

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Key Features of CADSTA Software


Load and run LISP, ARX and .NET applications seamlessly in AutoCAD LT with no recompile required


Enhanced Appload, Startup Suite, Netload


Support LSP / FAS / VLX file format


Support VL, VLAXVLR and VLA functions


Intelligent WallsDoors, Windows, Roofs and Joists in CADSTA Arch


Profile ManagerSuper Arrow


Block CountXLIST, Explode Text, Mask Text


1-point perspective, Sun Shadowing, Terrain Modeling


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